Bobby Valentin “Mi Ritmo Es Bueno”

Bobby Valentín “El Rey del Bajo” as he’s known worldwide has recently released his first production since the 2008 “Evolution” album. His new production entitled “Mi Ritmo Es Bueno” has all the makings of a big hit. The title track is a cover from one of his previous albums with a new arrangement and the swing we’ve come to love from this living legend. Bobby shows no wear and tear in this new offering. At 75 he can still rock that bass as only he can.

I’m not going to say much about this CD because you should just go out a get yourself a copy. This production does not need anyone’s approval or recommendation. It is just simply “FIRE”

On sale at all your favorite internet outlets.

Song titles:
Al Mirarte A Ti
Mentiras Tuyas
Mi Ritmo Es Bueno
La Paciencia
Yo No Engaño A Las Nenas
La Escalera
Ya Lo Vi, Ya Lo Vi
Homenaje a Cachao

Javier Oquendo: bongo
Eliut Cintron: trombon
Julito Alvarado: Trompeta
Angie Machado: Trompeta
Angel Luis Torres: Alto Sax
Victor Maldonado: Baritono Sax
David Marcano: Timbal
Javier Oquendo: Bongo
Victor Roque: Conga
Pedro Bermudez: Piano
Alberto “Kriptony” Texeira: Cantante
Norberto “El Indio” Rodriguez: Cantante
José “Joe” Ayala: Cantante
Músicos Invitados: Manolito Rodriguez
Pedro Bermudez
Pichie Perez (Güiro, Maraca)
Jerry Rivas, Dalbert Garcia, Chegüi Ramos: Coros
Bobby Valentin: Bajo, Arreglos Musicales