DJ Frankie Gee aka Frank Gonzalez

Back in the year 2010, after growing increasingly frustrated with the selection of music being broadcasted on the radio airwaves of my
adopted home of Dunoon, Scotland, a friend of mine encouraged me to approach my local station with the idea of creating my own music show. I did, and went on to debut the following week with my introductory program, called “Caribbean Nights with Frankie Gee.”  A mere three months later, I volunteered to do a second show to help fill the station’s Sunday schedule and I called it “The Lonesome Stranger Cool Jazz Show”.

Since then, The Lonesome Stranger show has only grown in popularity, evolving from a Contemporary American Jazz show into its present Latin Jazz format due to the amount of new music that I was acquiring from Latin Jazz Artists.  In addition, I started a salsa radio program called “Highland Salsa with Frankie Gee”, which has the widest worldwide following of any Latin radio program in The United Kingdom.

Initially, the purpose of my broadcasts were to simply share my music and culture with the people of Dunoon, but as of late I have focused my efforts on using my platform as a way to promote Salsa and Latin music on a global scale.  When I began broadcasting, I only had 20 Salsa and Latin Jazz CDs that survived with me after leaving The United States over 10 years ago.  Now as a result of the friendships that I have built, and the encouragement that I have received from Salsa music lovers and musicians worldwide, I have been able to accumulate a library full of some of the best contemporary and classic music that Salsa has to offer.

I look forward to sharing my love of Salsa with all of you…”Que viva la Salsa sin fronteras”!

Tu Amigo Salsero,


Listen to Frank Gee’s “Highland Salsa” show on Saturday’s at 6 PM ET on Nevis Radio, and his “NewGen Salsa with Frankie Gee” program on Monday’s at 8 PM ET  airing on Dunoon Community Radio 97.4FM.