DJ JC aka Juan Carlos Linares

I was born in Havana, Cuba, and at an early age I acquired a musical inclination that can be attributed to my father who had been a musician in various Cuban orchestras.  At the age of 15 I enrolled at “The Escuela Superior De Educacion Fisica Manuel Fajardo” (The Manuel Fajardo College of Physical Education) and I graduated in 1983 as a professor of physical education.  At the time, sports played a major part in my life and I went on to participate in several regional baseball championships in the city of Havana.  However, despite my athletic prowess and success on the baseball diamond music was my true passion of the heart.

In 1994 I made the decision to leave Cuba and move to the United States in order to start a new life with my wife and over time my knowledge of music continued to grow, along with my passion for modern audio technology.  My fascination with sounds and digital effects led me to enroll in a course for audio engineering at Miami Dade College.  As a result of my experience at Miami Dade I decided to start a new chapter in my life as an assistant sound technician for various local music groups, while I also worked as a Disc Jockey for private parties.

in 1999 i decided to start working more as a disc jockey in order to learn more about the art of mixing and it wasn’t until 2004 that i started to work as a full-time dj and became self-supporting. as of that year i have worked in different nightclubs in the city of miami and have also done a lot of public and private events. i have in my possesion an extensive musical library of almost all genres of todays music and i operate in an open and limitless format in order to play the music my clients prefer.