DJ Pantera aka Keith Tolson

I have been DJ-ing on and off for over 25 years, specializing primarily in the sounds of soul, soulfunk, jazzfunk and house music.  In 2001 I began to dance Salsa and I immediately fell in love with the music.  As a result, I felt that the natural progression for me would be to begin to DJ Latin music.  In the year 2006, utilizing my background in marketing I devoted my efforts to DJ-ing, promotions, events, and teaching Salsa.

Fully committed to my DJ-ing and promotional work, I have been able to play all over the UK and abroad, including places such as India, Majorca, Ibiza, mainland Spain, France and most recently in the Greek Islands for a summer.  I also run my own events in various locations in the North of England, and I continue to be in demand in many clubs around the UK where I play various genres of music.  Recently I have begun to promote artists in the UK and abroad, as well as remix tracks for DJ’s around Europe.