Edwin Perez “La Voz Del Pueblo”

Edwin Perez
La Voz Del Pueblo

It does our hearts at NewGenSalsa good to know that our music is in good hands with artist such as Edwin Perez.

After more than ten years with “La Excellencia” and then with “SCC (Salsa con Conciencia)” this excellent singer has been honing his skills for what he has just delivered; his latest production “La Voz Del Pueblo”. After listening to his great tone, his delivery and mastery of “El Soneo” it only leaves me with the thought that this young man is here to stay. I loved the arrangements with an emphasis on the bones (nothing but beef) and the cutting accents of those trumpets. Well done!.

How can you not help but get up and join those that have been drawn to the dance floor by this great production. Mucho Swing in this one people, DJ’s what are you waiting for… Highly Recommended!

I have attached a preview of the titled song “La voz Del Pueblo” which is one of many favorites on this production. This CD also has a cast of excellent musician that make this a 5 Star Production.

1. Por Mis Venas Corre Salsa
2. Sonido Original
3. Dejarla Ir
4. Esa Nena
5. La Voz Del Pueblo
6. Don Dinero
7. Primero Que Tu
8. Lo Que Le Paso A Miguel
9. Mi Viejo
10. Llegue Yo

This CD can be purchased via all your favorite Download facilities.

Review by: William Mendoza Co-Host of the Walter B Nice “NewGenSalsa Radio Show”