Los Hermanos González “No Me Falta Nada”

Los Hermanos González

No Me Falta Nada – Feat. Tito Allen, Frankie Vazquez…
CD (Gonzalez 542131), Released 2016;

I’m happy to announce Los Hermanos Gonzalez’s new CD “No Me Falta Nada” was recently released. The first single released was the title track “No Me Falta Nada” which made it to #1 on the NewGenSalsa Top 90 Playlist a few years ago.

After listening to the entire production I’m sure more will top the dance charts everywhere. This CD features Fania Legend Tito Allen, legend to be “El Sonero Del Barrio” Frankie Vazquez, Tito Gonzalez and Johnny Vega. With tracks such as “No Me Falta Nada”, “Ayudensen”, “Juan Simon” , and “Banco Virao” just to name four of my favorite tracks on this awesome CD.

It was worth the wait to finally receive the complete production from this talented family of brothers Freddy, Jose, Edwin and Angel. Better known as Los Hermanos Gonzalez.

Yo! DJs this CD contains several dance floor bangers and will make a great addition to your growing arsenal.

This CD is available in all your favorite internet download sites.