Marc Anthony Becomes Recipient Of 2012 Billboard Hall Of Fame Award

It was a memorable and emotional night not only for Marc Anthony but also for his unconditional fans as he was the recipient of the well deserved honorary Billboard’s Hall of Fame award. The tribute took place at the 23rd annual Billboard Latin awards presentation and show at Bank United in Coral Gables. Marc Anthony has about 25 years under his belt as a songwriter and singer starting as a vocalist and freestyle singer in 1988 to a triumphant crossover in the Latin music industry as an international highly acclaimed salsa singer, balladeer and then leading him rapidly to producer, actor, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a global influence.

Marc Anthony was in the audience greeting his colleagues with a congratulatory hug and handshake to Don Omar and Prince Royce just seconds before he was awarded. The Hall of Fame Award was presented by producer and entrepreneur Emilio Estefan and executive director of Billboard’s Latin Content and Program, Leila Cobo after a video presentation of Marc Anthony’s career accomplishments. Although Marc prefers to be singing rather than accepting awards and less making speeches, he just couldn’t talk with so much emotion and interruptions from the audience and at one point said, “Wow you’re all coming to my house.”

He was very grateful to his audience and his staff. “I didn’t accomplish this on my own. I have an incredible staff,” commented Marc Anthony, “This is a very special moment. Imagine the dream of a child in the streets of New York to share this moment with my colleagues is something very special.” He continued, “All of us that are here we say we sacrifice to have a career but I want to recognize my kids and my family because they also have sacrificed.” And concluded that it’s just the beginning, there is still a lot more to come. The applause continued until he disappeared off stage.

One young gal was in tears as she witnessed her all time idol Marc Anthony accept his award. She stated Marc is her favorite singer and looks up to him with much respect ever since she met him back in 1995 and had the privilege to work with him when he performed in Florida. Although his fate has changed tremendously, she has faith that someday she’ll reconnect with Marc Anthony.

The tribute continued about half hour later when two exceptional Puerto Rican singers joined on stage to sing Marc Anthony’s songs accompanied by Marc Anthony’s one of a kind musicians. First it was Gilberto Santa Rosa with ‘Y Hubo Alguien’ followed by Olga Tañon with ‘Ahora Quien’ each giving their interpretation their own style. Then the awaited moment of the audience and TV viewers, Marc Anthony reappeared on stage belting out the words to ‘Que Precio tiene el Cielo.’ “This is your tribute,” said Gilberto Santa Rosa as he handed a microphone to Marc. It was a huge salsa party at the Billboard Latin award show with the audience singing, dancing, taking photos and recording the more than deserved tribute ending to Marc Anthony.

With so many genres of music coming and going may salsa music continue on!