The Vicki Sola “Que Viva La Musica” NewGenSalsa Music Show By DJ Walter B Nice

I want to thank Vicki Sola and Andres Padua for giving me the opportunity to play my music and everyone who helped make my NewGenSalsa show on “Que Viva La Musica” the most listened to show by a DJ. With a record total of 29,900 people who tuned in to the show which surpassed the previous record of 24,000.

I also want to thank my boys “Mr. Ataca” J.Antonio, Andy Camacho “DJ Bayamon”, DJ Woody, DJ Willie Rivera and last but not least Ray Cruz for their support. I must also thank all the musicians and vocalists that have entrusted me with their awesome music whom without them I wouldn’t be able to be the messenger of this great music we call Salsa.
Once again thank you for your support.

DJ Walter B Nice

MIX #1

1. Sigo Pa’ Lante – Tito Rojas from the CD “El Viajero”

2. Caballos de Paso Fino – Bobby Cruz – from the CD “Salsa Sin Limites”

3. La Esencia Del Guaguanco (Featuring Willy Torres) – Jamie Dubberly and Orquesta Dharma from the CD “La Clave Del Gumbo”

4. Te Propongo – Maelo Ruiz from the CD “Romántico Y Boricua”

5. En La Oscuridad_Salsa remix – Yandel feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa from the CD “Dangerous”

6. Lo Que Tu Quieres – El Timba & Fabio Gianni from the EP “Guaguamambo”

7. Pinareno – Rudy Ambroise

8. Babarabatiri And Chango De Beni Medley CD – Antonetti

9. Los Soneros (feat. Ismael Miranda, Andy Montañez, Tony Vega, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ray de la Paz, Tito Rojas & Victor Manuelle) – Mario Ortiz Jr. from the CD “Mario Ortiz All Star Band 50th Anniversary” – Nominated for a Latin Grammy 2014

MIX #2

1. El Regreso – The Latin Heartbeat from the CD “El Regreso”

2. El Vencedor – Herman Olivera from the CD “El Heredero Del Sabor”

3. Tengo La Vida (feat. Víctor Manuelle) – Ismael Miranda from the CD
“Son 45”


5. Sonero Callejero – Wiwi Buznego Y Su Orquesta (NGS Exclusive)

6. El Hijo De Oshum – Julio Estrada Y Su Orquesta (NGS Eclusive)

7. AEE AEE – Ire’ Oyale Sextet

8. No Te Puedo Perdonar – Sonido 70 from the CD Sonido 70

9. Vacila Con Mi Tumbao – Juan Pablo Barrios from the CD “Salsa Latin Jazz”

10. All Of Me – Avenida B from the CD “El Viaje”

MIX #3

1. Que Pena Me Das – Conjunto Puerto Rico from the CD “Back To The Roots”

2. LA VERDAD – feat. JR. GONZALEZ – Machado Y Su Orquesta
(NGS Exclusive)

3. El Nazareno de San Pablo – Fidel y Julito Antillano from the CD
“Caracas En Su Salsa” (NGS Exclusive)

4. Linda Mujer – El Timba & Fabio Gianni from the EP “Guaguamambo”

5. Adictos a la Salsa – Tabaco Y Ron from their soon to be release CD “Adictos a la Salsa“ (NGS Exclusive)

6. La Madama – Iroko La Banda from the CD “All Natural”

7. Déjame Decirte – Papo Sanchez

8. No Voy Pa Alla – Conjunto Puerto Rico from the CD “Back To The Roots”

9. Pal Sonero – Rey Serrano (NGS Exclusive)

10. Marijuana – Carlos y Su Orquesta

MIX #4

1. Pa’l Bailador – Lucky 7 Mambo from the CD “Chapter Two”

2. Antigua Capitana – Nino Jesus from the CD “Soy Montuno”

3. Mi Son Sabroson – Kara’Bana from the CD “Salsa Na’Ma”

4. Bendiciones a Mi Madre – Duni Perez from the CD “Usanza Latina”

5. La Esperanza – Requena Y Su Melao (NGS Exclusive)

6. Rumba Para Mi Gente – Rafi Marrero Y Su Orquesta

7. TIKI TIKI – Chino Pons Y Grupo Irek

8. Barlovento – Lawrence Y Su Orquesta (NGS Exclusive)

9. Tiahuanaco – Alfredito Linares from the CD “Salsa Pa’ todo El Mundo”

10. El Corillo – The Latin Heartbeat from the CD “El Regreso”

MIX #5

1. Luisito’s Mambo – Luisito “Ataka” Quintero from the CD “3rd Element” 2014 Latin Grammy Nominated for Latin Jazz

2. La Sopa En Botella – Juan Carlos Alfonso Y Su Dan Den from the CD “Arara El Salon Del Bailador”

3. Amor Con Hambre Duraba – Grupo Nemus from the CD
“Los Idolos del Pacifico”

4. Leal – Ray Ramos & Johnny Cruz from the CD
“El Rey del Son Montuno”

5. Isaac – Bobby Cruz from the CD “Salsa Sin Limites”

6. La Rumba Va A Comenzar – King Bongo from the CD
“Fiebre De Salsa Y Boogaloo”

7. Naci Cantante – David Millian from the CD “Naci Cantante”

8. Que Pana – Conjunto Imagen feat. Frankie Vazquez