Review: Aaron Acosta “Betcha by Golly Wow” (feat. Chino Nunez)

We want to welcome one of the youngest Salsa vocalist Aaron Acosta to our family. Aaron is a 13 year old teenager who is a professional broadway actor as well as a vocalist. He has performed as Peter Pan, a young Charlie Chaplin and most recently an off Broadway Play called Becoming Cuba. Chino says this multi talented young entertainer will be in the main stream before you know it. I would have to agree with Mr. Nunez because you can’t have anyone better than Pablo “Chino” Nunez to guide him and teach him the ropes.

We are featuring his new single a classic by the Stylistics “Betcha By Golly Wow” a song that will definitely bring back memories to many and start new ones for the young Salseros. Chino and I are hoping that more young kids will continue to embrace our music and add a breath of fresh air to the music we love.

Turmpets: Dante Vargas
Trombones: Alex Zapata
Piano. Bass, All Percussion, Synthesizer, Coros: Pablo “Chino” Nuñez

Produced & Arranged by: Pablo “Chino” Nuñez
Executive Producers: Kathleen & Gary Acosta
Production team Armando Tam

DJ Walter B Nice for…Ahi Nama!!!