Review: Angelucho Copacabana “Mi Gente Rumbea”

We would like to welcome Cuban Singer Angel “Angelucho” Bermudez to our family. He is one of the best Salsa artists in Houston, Texas and is known for having a distinguished baritone voice.
He has put together a very good production under the direction of Producer and Composer Raniel Pino and recruited some world class musicians such as Papo Luca (Sonora Poncena), Rene Lorente, Kachiro Thompson, Douglas Guevara, Jorge Orta, and Ernesto Camilo Vega.

Angelucho has added to his new CD an array of music that caters to everyone’s taste and the track I’m featuring is called “Mi Gente Rumbea” which definitely cater’s to Los Bailadores. I strongly recommend this CD entitled “Soy Latino” to you the general public and DJs.