Review: Bio Ritmo “Perdido” Feat. Rei Alvarez

The new Bio Ritmo CD “Puerta Del Sur” on Vampisoul Records is here and what a delight it was to listen to this production. They continue to lead the way with their unique fusion of sounds, which include various genres such as Afro Cuban, Jazz, Rock, Bossa Nova, Cumbia just to name a few. I would have to say this is their best work to date.

This CD contains 8 tracks all of which are originals and the song I’m featuring which is my favorite “Perdido” was written by Giustino Riccio and Rei Alvarez with Horn Arrangements by Marlysse Simmons. As Rei (lead vocalist) put it “Perdido” is simply a lament which he felt both a lot of longing and an air of loss in this melody, so he simply wrote about feeling lost, and the pain of surrendering to the frustration. However, the tears and heartache provide relief and hope still remains, as it should. Through it all we will find a destiny, and/or a purpose. Giustino (co-composer) indicated “Perdido” is a salsa, diversely influenced by styles such as the Puerto Rican Danza and classic 1960’s Ismael Rivera and El Gran Combo. Make sure you take a good listen to this track. You won’t be disappointed.

I must tip my hat to this band for not letting the salsa purists discourage them from doing their thing and bringing our music to the 21st Century and beyond. This CD can be purchased by clicking on the link below: