Review: Carlos D’ Castro “Ars Suptilior”

Carlos D’Castro
ARS Suptilior

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting this young man during my trip to Puerto Rico for El Dia Nacional de la Salsa. And I must say that it is encouraging to see young artists in Puerto Rico thriving and looking to follow in the footsteps of our legends… Which brings me to this young man’s production titled “ARS Suptilior” a tribute to the Paladium Mambo Kings of the past.

A solid recording, great music, tight coros and a young vocalist that impressed me when I spoke to him. During our conversation it was the little things he said that impressed me most, and the way he feels an artist should represent himself, Humility, Dress and Professionalism. This is a Gem in the rough that needs to be paid attention too.

I have added one of my favs as a preview track for you to enjoy “Dale Jamon” nothing but swing baby.

Big time DJ Alert!!!

Review By: William Mendoza (NewGenSalsa Radio Show)