Review: Carlos Sanchez “Preparate”

I want to welcome the multi-talented Carlos Sanchez to our family. This young man was inspired from a very young age to become a performer by watching some of the great Salseros of the Fania Golden Era. He is a gifted young musician who can play various instruments such as the trumpet, piano, timbales, congas, bongo and has begun to sing and arrange/compose his own music. In fact he played all the instruments on this CD. He is also a former member of the very popular Salsa group N’Klave.

Carlos decided it was the right time to move on to explore all the fusion possibilities which flowed in his mind. On January 8th, 2013, his new album dropped entitled “First Intent” which he adds perfect blends of Urban Salsa with disco, funk, R&B and hip-­‐hop to reach out to the young and old alike.

I’m featuring the track “Preparate” which is just one of ten outstanding tracks. There are no fillers here all original tracks and just like one of his other tracks on this CD says “Cartlitos Llego” con saoco nuevo for sure.

I highly recommend this CD and it’s a must add to your Salsa collection. And to all you DJs make sure you add this Gem to your playlist.

Walter B Nice for