Review: Carloscar Cepero Y La New Talent Orchestra “Como Es El”

Once in while in the music industry you get to hear a group that you feel has the potential to rise above the rest and that being said It’s a pleasure to introduce Carloscar Cepero Y La New Talent Orchestra. Mr. Cepero has put together a solid group of talented musicians and has provided his swinging new track which I’m featuring called “Como El Es”.

For the past 12 years Carloscar Cepero has been developing his skills while playing with many of the top artists in the industry such as Herman Oliveras, Pupy Cantor, Jimmy Bosch, Charlie Sepulveda, Luigui Texidor, Ismael Miranda, Grupo Esencia, Orq. Abran Paso, Orq. La Criolla, just to name a few.

And now Carloscar Cepero and La New Talent Orchestra are ready to show their brand of HOT Salsa Dura arrangements that will have the dance floors packed and dancing all night long. It is bands like this and others I’ve had the privilege of writing reviews for that will keep this music which we love and call Salsa alive.

DJs this is another must have!!!!