Review: David Millian Con Bara Y Mas “Antes Que Te Hablen De Mi”

We want to welcome David Millian Con Bara Y Mas to our family. I was able catch David live on two separate occasions recently here in NYC. The first time was with the Boricua Legends at the Queens’ Casino and the other was at Gonzalez Y Gonzalez where he performed with the DeLeon Brothers’ Orchestra. At both events I was very impressed with his powerful voice and range which grabs your attention. David is a veteran who has performed and/or recorded with many of the best artists in the industry. That being said leads me to his new production which I’m featuring entitled “Antes Que Te Hablen De Mi” which definitely has swing geared para los bailadores and i’m positive that when played will pack all the club dance floors. A DJ must have. As soon as I receive where this track can be purchased, I will let you know.

DJ Walter B Nice for….Ahi Nama!