Review: Eddie Montalvo Y Su Orquesta “Timba Timbero”

This is another awesome track from Eddie Montalvo’s  Grammy nominated CD  “Desde Nueva York A Puerto Rico” which was voted one of the best in 2012 and is still going strong in 2013. This production has had several hits such as “El Hijo Del Ricachon Feat. Ruben Blades”, “Caonabo feat. Cheo Feliciano”, “Abicu feat. Tito Gonzalez” just to name a few and the track I’m featuring is another hot track “Timba Timbero” featuring Hector (Pichie) Perez on vocals with a style which  is reminiscent and was commonly heard back in the good old days when Fania ruled. On this track Eddie flexes his muscles with a hot conga solo and to add to the spice a brass arrangement that rocks and makes this another super caliente dance track. So if you haven’t picked this CD up yet I recommend you do so now because this is a definite must add to your salsa Dura collection. Vaya Eddie Te botaste!!!!

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