Review: Edgard Nevarez Y La Tropica “Cuando Te Casaras” Canta Landy Cabrera

Edgard Nevarez Y La Tropica’s CD “Round Trip (Ida Y Vuelta)” has produced several hits, one of which reached number one on our playlist (Quien). You easily see and hear that this production was well thought out. Edgard didn’t leave anything for chance. All the tracks were hand picked with a purpose in mind. And that is to satisfy the Salsa Dura and Salsa Romantica music lovers. This new track I’m featuring “Cuando Te Casaras” is a fun song which ask’s the question when are you getting married??? And as Landy says “he will take a bath with oil to become slippery to make it very difficult to catch” Ja, Ja, Ja. This track will not only put a smile on your face but will surely get you off your seat and on the dance floor. I also want to add that I recently went to Puerto Rico and had the honor of meeting Edgard Nevarez in person. A true professional and class act. For those of you who haven’t picked this CD up yet, I recommend that you do. I highly recommend it.

DJ Walter B Nice for…Ahi Nama!!!