Review: El Regreso – The Latin Heartbeat

El Regreso
by The Latin Heartbeat
© Copyright – William Mendoza / Newgen Salsa Music (040232151743)

Review By: J. ANTONIO “Mr. ATACA!

Thinking of picking up some new Salsa music? Let me save you some guesswork: “El Regreso” by The Latin Hearbeat. This new production, under the NewGenSalsa Music label, further cements the belief that new Salsa music in the marketplace is strong and vibrant. If the complete package matters to you, then consider this new release produced by William Mendoza with Julio Salgado on lead vocals, and a special guest lead vocal appearance by Ismael Rivera Jr. on “Esa Lengua Venenosa”. The Coro (Carlitos Olivera, Joe De Jesus and William Mendoza), highlight a thoroughly enjoyable Salsa music experience. Take my word for it; the coro section shines on several cuts including “Latinos Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla” (a socially conscious track that everyone can identify with and one of my personal favorites), “Corillo” and “Amor Comprado”. There is enough variety on this album to satisfy even the most discerning fan, from mid tempo tracks to blazing hot thumpers, including a terrific Danzon style-to-Salsa instrumental tribute to the Palmieri brothers “Illudere”. Enthusiastically recommended!

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