Review: El Rubio Loco “Salsaton”

El Rubio Loco

Introducing to NewGenSalsa from Italy, El Rubio Loco and his newest release “Salsaton.” I have been broadcasting this track since February, but did not post it on the NewGenSalsa page because it was not straight Salsa. The video was released yesterday and I could not resist sharing it. In Europe El Rubio Loco packs the dance floors with a new take on rock and pop standards and his own compositions. “Salsaton” is a can’t miss track bound to make the Reggaetoneros and pure Salseros pack the same dance floor because the mix has strong appeal to both genres. The producers of this track Salsaitaliana Produtions did a bang up job in the prodution of this track generating a “feel good gotta dance” vibe throughout. Soon El Rubio Loco will be packing dance floors in the United States in the same fashion he does in Europe, his Bachata Remix of Vivo por Ella, and his version of Mamaguana is rocking the dance floors in Italy, France Germany, and Belgium. El Rubio Loco’s tracks are available in i-Tunes and directly from Salsaitaliana Production Co. DJ’s and dancers, vuelvanse loco con El Rubio Loco and his European twist on Salsa, Bachata and Kisomba and have fun on the dance floor!!

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