Review: Fernando Wilkins Jr. & Neftali Rosado Jr “Puertoriqueno Soy”

Fernando Wilkins Jr. & Neftali Rosado Jr. are two young men showing much promise in this industry and as of February 2nd, 2013 have the number 1 single on our NGS TOP 60 PLAYLIST “Temblor De Rumberos”. I’m also featuring a brand new track “Puertoriqueno Soy” from their new CD which is about to drop soon.

This song is about how proud they are to be Puertoriguenos despite not being born in Puerto Rico and how they honor the flag and Island as though they were born there and I’m sure many feel the same way as they do. This single is an anthem that will definitely pack the dance floors and let us not forget “Que Yo Soy Boricua Paque Lo Sepas”!!!!!!!

DJ Walter B Nice for