Review: Fernando Wilkins Jr. & Neftali Rosado Jr. “Temblor De Rumberos”

I definitely enjoy introducing young and old groups with new music to our Salsa fans. And that being said I would like to introduce you to Fernando “Nando” Wilkins Jr. (Vocalist) and Neftali “Talo” Rosado Jr. (Percussionist) who have joined forces to create TEMBLOR PRODUCTIONS© to help bring salsa back to it’s glory days which is what we here at NewGenSalsa are doing also.

What’s very cool about these two talented Bay Area musicians is that they write and compose their own music and refuse to do covers. This is a quote from their Bio which describe what their about “With our ears to the street, we create salsa gems for the Salseros” You must respect what they’re doing and once you hear the track I’m featuring “Temblor De Rumberos” you will hear and recognize that these guys are no joke. They’re definitely for real and if they continue creating dance music like this their future looks very bright.

So Mi Gente do yourself a favor and make sure you pick this track up in Itunes .

Yo! DJs this is certain to pack your dance floors and will become a crowd favorite.


  • So I’m no musician or anything but, I’ve seen you guys play out here in the bay area an I’m not trying to be disrespectful… but It says that you guys refuse to play covers yet a few nights ago I saw you guys playing songs from artist such as NG2 and a few other I can’t think of off the top of my head but a good size amount. Just thought that maybe it was a typo or something… all the best,

    Omar U.

  • Omar, Thanks for posting comment I am sure this response will clear up any confusion. The review done by Walter is of Neftali Rosado Jr. and Fernadito Junior “Venceremos” a Temblor Productions project. As many other artist we do occasionally sit in with other bands that play cover songs. If you are referring to Orq. Pa’l Bailador that is my local band that plays covers and it is independent from Temblor Productions which as Walter correctly stated produces exclusively original material. For more information on “Venceremos” visit http://www.temblorproductions.comyou can also visit us and like our page “Temblor Productions” on Facebook.