Review: Frankie Ruiz Jr. “Eres Tu”

Here we have a very nice Salsa Romantica performed by Frankie Ruiz Jr., the son of legendary Salsa singer “Frankie Ruiz.” ¬†Following in his fathers footsteps, Frankie Jr. is looking to carry on the Ruiz name by embarking on his own solo singing career in the Salsa industry.

Currently Frankie Ruiz Jr. is in the studio recording several new tracks for his forthcoming album, which will feature a wide-selection of his fathers hit songs resung by Frankie Jr., as well as several original compositions.

This young man has a definite future in this industry, so take a listen to his new single “Eres Tu” and let us know what you think.

If you would like to support Frankie Ruiz Jr. by purchasing his single “Eres Tu”, click here.