Review: Gabo F Salsa “Fuego Lento”

I would like to thank one of my NewGenSalsa team members Frankie Gee for introducing me to this new artist named Gabriel Fernando Acevedo Mejia who is professionally known as Gabo F Salsa. Gabo was born in Medellin Colombia and now lives in Spain where he re-discovered his love for Salsa.

The track I’m featuring is a song written by Mauro Mosquera called “Fuego Lento” which is a Salsa Romantica with an awesome dance arrangement and lyrics that many can relate to. Gabo added his personal swing to this song and like I said earlier it’s a definite dance floor banger that will not only please the Salsa Romantica lovers but the On2 dancers as well.

Gabo also has another track “Ya Lo Ves” which is very good also which I plan to feature soon.