Review: Golpe Con Melodia – Tromboranga

Golpe Con Melodia

During the past several years this Trombone laced orchestra, has captured the attention of Salseros worldwide. This production happens to be their best work to date. The CD starts off with the title track “Golpe Con Melodia” which sets the tone for the entire CD wow!!! “Tremendo Rumbon” mi gente. With 7 more hot tracks such as “Quinto Mayor”, “Dame Felicidad” which has a smokin’ piano solo by Rafael Madagascar, Motivacíon Sexsual” Maria Tiene un proglema Jajaja, “Carretera” , which is a hot montuno, “La Jicotea”, Maria Antonia” and finally a cover of the classic”La Mafia” which was originally recorded by Orquesta Narvaez led by Duke Narvaez a talented Trombonist.

“Tromborangamania” is here to stay without a doubt. I have added the title track “Golpe Con Melodia” as a preview. I know you will enjoy it as I have.

Soon you will be able to see them live here in New York City on their up and coming tour. Make sure to visit their website for tour dates.

Much respect to the entire band, especially mis panitas Joaquin Arteaga, Freddy Ramos y Diego Coppinger from the city that never sleeps New york City.

Don’t even hesitate to pick this CD up. Yo! DJs a definite must add to your arsenal.

This CD can be purchase on your favorite download facilities.

DJ Walter B Nice signing out…peace!

Joaquin Arteaga – Dirección y Timbal
Diego Coppinger – Voz
Freddy Ramos – Voz
Vladimir Peña – Trombón
Albert Costa – Trombón
Tom Johnson – Trombón
Rafael Madagascar – Piano
Lorenzo Barriendos – Bajo
Amado Zulueta – Congas
Cristian Cosanatan – Bongó

Invitados especiales:
Orlando Poleo – Congas y bongó en tracks 5,6,7.
Josep Blanes – Trombón

Producción General: Joaquin Arteaga
Producción Musical: J. Arteaga, F. Ramos, V. Peña, A. Costa, L. Barriendos.
Grabado en El patio Estudio por Gorka Ruiz y en estudios Medusa, Barcelona, España.
Mezcla y Mastering: Aldo Toesca.
Fotografía: Andreu Muñoz
Maquillaje: Francis Bodi Roig
Locación de foto Kube Studio Barcelona