Review: Jorge Sanchez (Papito) “Sandunga”

Jorge Sanchez (Papito)
JS Papito 2015

Jorge Sanchez recently released his third solo CD “Sandunga”. After listening to this production it was very evident that Papito put this together with the dancers in mind. With classic covers such as “Llanto De Cocodrilo” and “Prestame Tu Mujer” which was done with a Charanga arrangement and both originally recorded by the great Ray Barretto. This also includes a special tribute to the Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz entitled “Reyna Celia” which was the first single to be released and received a great deal of attention by the Salseros and DJs alike. I’m sure you’re also going to like my personal favorite “Sandunguera” which I’m showcasing. This CD contains an additional 4 tracks, which are very good as well.

I highly recommend you pick this CD up. Yo! DJs this is another one for your arsenal.

1. Reyna Celia
2. El Bache
3. Llanto De Cocodrilo
4. Katiuska
5. Senor Locutor
6. Eso No Mas
7. Sandunguera
8. Prestame Su Mujer

Lead Vocals: Jorge Sanchez “Papito”
Piano: Juan Rodriguez, Osiris Martinez, Axel Laugart
Bass: Diego Aquino, Ruben Rodriguez, Jorge Sanchez “Papito”
Percussion: Joseph Rodriguez, Carlos Patron, Luisito Quintero
Trumpets: Agustin Someillan, Raul Agraz
Tres: Yuniel Jimenez
Flute: Andrea Brachfeld
Violin: David Rimelis
Chorus: Joey Davila, Danny Enrique, Luis Parada Alvarez, Pepe Nieves, Joe King

Note: This CD can be purchased at your favorite retailer and/or download sites.