Review: Jose Guaman Y Su Orq. La Fuerza Gigante “Regresando A La Salsa”

Jose Guaman Y Su Orq. La Fuerza Gigante have a new single “Regresando A La Salsa” which is the name of their new CD. This track features “El Sonero Del Barrio Frankie Vazquez” and it’s a definite dance floor banger which true salseros will love. Jose and I would talk often about this project he was putting together. It was a total pleasure for me having the opportunity to talk about music and life in general with him. He left us with the gift of music and may he RIP and thank you Jose for this awesome CD for us to listen and dance to which is the way you wanted it. I will provide where you could pick this CD up as soon as I get the info.

DJ Walter B Nice for