Review: Julio Albino Y Su Orquesta Secreto A Voces “Ruido”

I have the pleasure of introducing the Secreto A Voces Orchestra which is lead by Julio Albino and their new single which I’m featuring is called “El Ruido” which is a Salsa Romantica about a lost love and the memories which still linger in his mind and heart. On vocals we have Mel Martinez who does a very job on this track.

Julio Albino (Junito) was born in New York City and at a very young age was inspired to play the timbales by two great timbaleros Tito Puente and Oresto Vilato. He has very good resume which lits the following major artists he has worked with. Artists such as Los Hermanos Colón, Sergio George and Charlie Palmieri to name a few.

Let’s show him and his band some love.

DJ Walter B Nice for