Review: kara’Bana “Salsa Na’Ma”

Salsa Na’ma
Label: Guarionex Productions
Released: July 17, 2014

I must admit that I’ve been waiting patiently for this CD to drop for the past 7 months after writing a review for their first single “Ponlo En Venta” which featured Lisett “La Mulata Del Sabor” Morales on vocals. And let me tell you it was worth the wait. Their motto was to recreate the classic Salsa sound from the 70’s & 80’s that captivated los salseros from that era and they have lived up to their motto with flying colors. This production has big time swing for days.

The musical director and arranger behind this awesome band is Andy Guzman. Andy Guzman is one of the best pianist in the Salsa genre. With 30 years of experience and working for many of the giants of today like
Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Enrique, Jose Lugo, Mario Ortiz, Jr. and Tito Nieves just to name a few.

This CD includes 12 tracks Starting with the hot “Estrella Fugaz” and ending with “Salta y Pica (feat. Giovanni Hidalgo & Tito deGracia)” this is one CD you must add to your Salsa collection. In addition, kaɾa’βana has three excellent vocalist Lisett “La Mulata Del Sabor” Morales who hails from Cuba, Javier Merino from Peru and Joe Arroyo de La Isla Del Encanto Puerto Rico.

kaɾa’βana consist of three trombones and three trumpet players along with a full percussion and rhythm section that create a sound that had been missing in the Salsa genre for a very long while. The track I’m featuring is “Mi Pobre Corazon” which is a salsa romántica with a salsa dura arrangement which will keep both the salsa romantica and salsa dura lovers happy and above all dancing.

I highly recommend this powerhouse production and a super Red Alert to my DJs.

You can purchase this CD at the following link: