Review: Kara’Bana “Ponlo En Venta”

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Kara Bana to our family. Let me start off by telling you what the name Kara Bana means “a procession of travellers or a group of people journeying together”

The Musical Director and Arranger responsible for the sound this band will bring forth is Andy Guzman an excellent Pianist who has 30 years of experience working with the likes of Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Enrique,and Tito Nieves just to name a few,

The band has three excellent vocalists starting with Lisset “La Mulata del Sabor”Morales who hails from Havana, Cuba and debuted as an actress in the Off-Broadway show as Celia Cruz in “The Life and Music of Celia Cruz” and has also shared the stage with many of the best Salsa artists in the industry such as Alberto “El Canario”, Albita, Isaac Delgado, Willie Chirino, Marlow Rosado and many more.

Javier Merino, born in Peru and who is also referred to as “Mr. Showman”, lso like Lisset both have unique voices and he has the gift of being able to Sonear (freestyle, Improvisation singing) which is something very few can do.

And last but not least El Boricua Joe Arroyo which if I may take a quote from the Bio which indicates that “Joe’s singing style is what a true salsero should sound like. He brings on to the stage a rhythm and charisma that makes everyone want to dance. And isin’t that what Salsa is all about? His strong raspy voice tone can be compare to the great ones like Andy Montanez and Oscar de Leon”.

kaɾa’βana has a smoking big band sound and their ultimate goal is to bring back the sound of the golden era of the 70s and 80s to the present and that being said I’m featuring their new single “Ponlo En Venta” a hot track which was made with the dancers in mind. I highly recommend you pick this dance floor banger up and add it to your salsa collection. Yo DJs this is another one for your arsenal.

I am definitely looking forward to listening to their entire production being recorded at the GPI Studio which should be drop soon.

You could pick this track up @ all your download retailers.