Review: La Charanga Moderna De Puerto Rico “Saliendo Por La Cocina””

Here we have La Charanga Moderna De Puerto Rico with their hard Charanga sound which caters to all the salseros and dance clubs all over the world. This new track I’m featuring “Saliendo Por La Cocina” will make you dance your butt off and Gustavo Enrique’s vocals are on point and he delivers’ the story line about this dude who get’s busted coming out of the next door neighbor’s kitchen door…Hmmmm! What a predicament to be in…lol!
This is one hot dance track which I will definitely play at the clubs I’m spinning at. So to all of you and DJs who haven’t picked up this awesome CD yet “La Charanga Moderna Con Los Soneros De Ahora”. What are you waiting for. I highly recommend it.

DJ Walter B Nice for…Ahi Nama!!!