Review: La Clave Del Gumbo By Jamie Dubberly & Orquesta Dharma

If you’re a Latin Jazz lover as I am “La Clave Del Gumbo” CD by Jamie Dubberly & Orquesta Dharma is a definate must have. Just put this bad boy in your CD player, sit back and bring up the volume and let these cats take you on a musical journey. This CD starts off with the Willie Colon classic “Jazzy” which is sizzling hot. With a new arrangement and horns blazing throughout the track it’s difficult to stay planted on your seat. As my DJ friend Ray Cruz from Hawaii would say “it will definitely put a smile on your ears. Another favorite of mine is the classic by the late and great Pete El Conde Rodriguez which happens to be my featured track “La Esencia Del Guaguanco” with Willy Torres on vocals. This is a definite dance floor banger which I’ll be rocking at all the NYC clubs I spin at. I could go on and on talking about this musical GEM. Just do yourself a favor and pick up a copy asap. You won’t regret it.

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