Review: La Excelencia “Pa’l Mundo Entero”

La Excelencia siguen con su Salsa de conciencia con mucho swing y saborrrrrr! These guys continue to set the bar high for the next generation of Salsa bands, and based on their latest single “Pa’l Mundo Entero”, their new CD Ecos Del Barrio is certain to be a huge hit with dancers and DJs around the world.

The group  only knows how to play Salsa two ways, and that’s hard and harder!  So far their formula has brought them great success, and with awesome arrangements and a trademark brassy sound it’s no wonder these guys are building a resume unlike any other new Salsa band today.

I highly recommend that you add this stellar CD to your music collection!


1.Intro (0:23)
2.Pa’l Mundo Entero (3:38)
3.Dale Otra Oportunidad (5:24)
4.Nueva York Sin Ti (5:08)
5.Guerrero (6:11)
6.Maria (6:53)
7.Entre Espinas (5:03)
8.La Economía (5:34)
9.Anoche Soñe Contigo (4:42)
10.Vagabundo (4:08)
11.Iyáñlá (4:30)
12.Descarga La Excelencia (5:24)

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