Review: “La Gripe” La Maxima 79

La Maxima 79 took the Salsero world by storm in 2014 with their first album “Regresando Al Guaguancó” and now they’re back with a new HOT single called “Gripe” which means having a cold. To me it simply means another Afro Cuban style dance number that I’m 100% sure that it will become a high rotation track on all DJs playlist and will also be a favorite of the bailadores. By adding an electric guitar instead of a piano to the rhythm section it gives this track an old school flavor which I haven’t heard in a long time. My friends Fabricio Zoro and the new musical director pianist Tony Valardi who is also known for creating such hits like “Azafata”, “Topanga” and the #1 hit on the NewGenSalsa Top 70 Playlist “5 Minutos” are the dynamic duo from Italy and must be commended for creating great music.

Yo DJs make sure to pick up your copy asap for your arsenal!

Will provide where to purchase this track soon.


Fabrizio Zoro – Executive Producer – Testo – Campana – Guiro – Coro
Tony Velardi – Arrangement, Musical Director
El Guille – Lead vocal
Carlos “ El Chino” Miñoso – Trombone
Carlo Napolitano – Trombone
Samuele Davi’ – Tromba
Javier Masvidal – Guitar
Juan Carlos Avila – Bass
Efern Iriarte – Timbales
Deivys Luna – Congas

Direttore Musicale e pianista della Band, il Maestro Tony Velardi, conosciuto per aver creato brani di successo come “Azafata”, “5 Minutos” e “ Topanga” tra gli altri.