Review: La Maxima 79 “Pobrecita

It’s always a pleasure to introduce new bands such as “La Maxima 79″ to our growing family of artists @ Let me start by saying that this Orchestra from Italy is no joke. Their new production is totally HOT Salsa Dura with a great deal of swing. Listening to this band puts a smile on my face from ear to ear because our music is being played all over the world in just about every country in Europe and now in Asia also. The track I’m featuring from this awesome CD ‘Regresando Al Guaguanco” is called “Pobrecita” which is a Guaguanco con mucho swing para los bailadores del mundo. These cats went back to the roots and slayed it. I highly recommend this CD and it’s a must add to your Salsa collection. And to all my DJs out there I recommend you jump on this and don’t fall asleep on it. You should be able to buy this CD on ITunes, CD Baby and other locations sometime this week.

DJ Walter B Nice for …Ahi Nama!!!