Review: La Melaza “El Fregabook”

La Melaza is back with a hot new CD entitled “Melaza” which has 9 tracks which caters to everyone’s taste with boleros, cha cha and salsa Dura para los bailadores. I want to share a quote by them which I found to be right on:

” Do you Remember when each time you went to the club a new record would grab you with its complexity and beauty? When the harmonies and rhythms were so deep and infectious that one was powerless against the music’s demand to move, to dance? Well, neither do we.”

The track I’m featuring is called “Fregabook” which depicts what can happen to all of us who have accounts in all these social networks that have have robbed us of our privacy, destroyed our friendship, and how about all the marriages that this new way of communicating is responsible for so many filing for a divorce. Cono que lio.

I highly recommend this CD to all you and to my DJs make sure you add it to your arsenal.

DJ Walter B Nice for…Ahi-Na-Ma!!!!

Melaza: Melaza