Review: Legacia de la Salsa “Panuelo De Lagrimas”

Randy Plaza & Lagacia De La Salsa are back with a new single “Panuelo De Lagrimas”. The track is a Salsa Romantica which entails a love triangle which I’m sure many have gone through at one time or another and usually ends but not before going through pain and suffering and a broken heart. If you like Salsa Romantic I’m sure you would like this track very much. The arrangement is very good and very danceable. Let me hear some feedback on what you think of this track.

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  • Sabor, swing & sentimiento es lo que nos trae el grupo Legacia De La Salsa con esta Salsa romantica que tiene un arreglo musical dinamico que invita a bailar, lo mismo que escuchar con su hermosa poesía lírica****