Review: Los Hermanos Gonzalez y Ritmoseis “No Me Falta Nada”Feat. Tito Allen

I want to welcome “Los Hermanos Gonzalez Y Ritmoseis” to our family. This band includes 4 siblings Jose, Edwin, Angel and Freddy who are currently working on their new CD which will include all original songs including the one I’m featuring “No Me Falta Nada” which features the great Tito Allen on vocals. This track was written by Freddy Gonzales who’s lyrics will take you back to a time that many could relate to.

This track has plenty of swing which will pack the dance floors and that being said I can’t wait to listen to the full production from their new CD entitled “Los Hermanos Gonzalez y Ritmoseis (Unidos)” which Jose told me will have Tito Allen on two additional tracks and will also feature “El Sonero Del Barrio” Frankie Vazquez. I will let you know where this track can be purchased as soon as I get the info.

Jose papo Gonzalez co/director bass,coro,Composer
Edwin Gonzalez Vocal,Timbales
Angel luis Gonzalez Bongoes y Campana
Daniel Antonetti / congas and percusion
Invited guest Edwin Sanchez on Piano and Arranger
Elton Reyes on Trumpet
jr Rivera on Trombone
Horn section includes trumpet trombone and tenor sax

DJ Walter B Nice for

Los Hermanos Gonzalez y Ritmo Seis: No Me Falta Nada