Review: Maite Hontelé Y Su Grupo “Qué Bonito”

Maite Hontelé Y Su Grupo is back with a new CD entitled “Déjame Así” which includes 8 tracks with several latin flavors such as Son Cubano, Salsa, Boogaloo, Plena, Latin Jazz and a Bolero which features Oscar D’ Leon on vocals. I remember meeting Maite via Face Book about two years ago and even then I knew “La Mona” as she’s affectionally called by her friends had a special talent and the determination to succeed in this industry. I must add that it does help to be a talented trumpeter and an “Eye Candy” ha,ha,ha. But all jokes aside she is the real deal who has worked with many of the best salseros and I’m positive we will be hearing great music from her for years to come. The track I’m featuring is called “Que Bonito” featuring Alain Perez and this is one of my favorites  and I’m sure “Los Bailadores” will love it as will all the DJs.  A definite dance floor banger!!!!! I highly recommend that you pick this CD up and add it to your Salsa collection. And for you DJs a must add to your arsenal!!!!