Review: Mambo DeLeon – Pa’l Bailador Mundial

Review By: Frankie Gee

After teasing me with snippets for the last couple of months, Mambo DeLeon finally unveiled Pa’l Bailador Mundial. Mambo it was worth the wait! In this happy “Spanglish” tribute to his fans and followers, celebrating his 25 years of making Salsa in Kansas City, Mambo Deleon has produced a “gotta dance” track for Salseros young and old. The piano and horn lines simple and uncomplicated, complemented by Mambo’s Timbales, makes this tune easy to dance and have fun with. Pa’l Bailador Mundial is the first release of his newest CD still in production. If this is an indication of what Mambo and his boys from Kansas City, Missouri will be putting out in the near future, I can’t wait! Pa’l Bailador Mundial will soon be available on i-Tunes. This is a must have track for DJ’s and Salseros alike. Kudos to you Miguel…Dale Mambo!!