Review: MioSoty “Comparame”

I want to take this time to welcome MioSoty to our family. MioSoty was born in Brooklyn, New York of Puerto Rican/Dominican descent and if for some reason you don’t know and or remember who she is, she had a monster hit in the late 90s called “Senora” which became an Anthem for women who have been betrayed by their man. Miosoty is an award-winning Latin singer whose career began as a teenager, singing merengue with Wilfrido Vargas and the New York Band. During the peak of the Salsa Romantica era in 1997, she began her solo career as a Salsa singer. Now that being said it leads me to the track I’m featuring entitled “Comparame” which picks up where her huge hit “Senora” ended. Whether she’s singing in Spanish or English her voice is powerful and flows perfectly in clave. She is currently working on a new CD which I’m looking forward to listening to when completed. So for all you Salsa Romantica lovers make sure you pick this track up in Itunes.

For DJ Walter B Nice…Ahi Nama!!!