Review: Orquesta SCC (Salsa Con Concencia) “Yo Los Invito A Gozar”

Orquesta SCC (Salsa Con Conciencia)

On the heels of last year’s disappointing Ecos Del Barrio album, Orquesta SCC “Salsa Con Concencia” (formally known as La Excelencia) are back with a new project and renewed passion to reestablish themselves as the best NewGenSalsa orchestra in the world. With the release of their latest disc Renacimiento (Rebirth), the orchestra led by conguero/composer Jose Vazquez-Confresi and lead vocalist/composer Edwin Perez have put together a collection of songs that I consider to be their best work to date.

Boasting passionate lyrics and blazing hard arrangements throughout, Renacimiento marks a return to the group’s original style that made them the darlings of the salsa industry and the envy of salsa orchestra’s across the globe. With a new band name and an infusion of new musicians, Orquesta SCC reignites the musical fire displayed on both their critically acclaimed debut CD Salsa Con Conciencia (2006) and their sophomore effort Mi Tumbao Social (2009). With high octane salsa dura tracks like “Yo Los Invito A Gozar” which I’m featuring and my personal favorite “Son Son Son Sonero” an awesome dance track which I’m sure the dancers will love. The orchestra shines from track #1 through track #11 and vocalist Edwin Perez shows why he is one of the most promising young soneros around with his impressive improvisation skills.

I highly recommend you pick up this Salsa Masterpiece which will have you dancing from the first track through the last. DJs this is a must add to your arsenal. You can purchase the physical CD via or you could download via You could also purchase the CD via ITunes.
Congas: Jose Vazquez-Cofresi
Lead-Vocal, Maracas, Guiro: Edwin Perez
Bass, Chorus: Jorge Bringas
Tres guitar, Chorus: Yuniel Jimenez
Piano: Edgar Pantoja-Aleman
Bongo/Cencerro: Charlie Dilone
Timbales: Jesse Alfonso
Trombone: Ronald Prokopez
Trombone: Rafi Makiel
Trompet: Matt Hilgenberg
Trompet: Chris Sanchez
Shekere/Cowbell: Manuel Alejandro Carro
Guiro, Maracas: Nestor Villar
Engineer: Guido Diaz for Skylight Studios
Produced by Edwin Perez

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