Review: Puerto Rico All Stars “Echando Candela”

I want to welcome The Puerto Rico All Stars to our family of artists

On April 2013, The Puerto Rico All Stars returned to the recording studio in Puerto Rico to begin recording their new CD which has already produced a #1 hit single “Soy Puerto Rico”. Recorded by 43 of Puerto Rico’s finest artists and musicians, composed by Juan Pablo Diaz, arranged by the legendary Cucco Peῆa and produced by Richie Viera and Ralph Cartagena, the new hit single “Soy Puerto Rico” released May 13, 2013 is now available for digital download on iTunes.

The track I’m featuring is “Echando Candela” the second single from their soon to be released CD. What we have here is 7:53 of musical fire. With a roster which includes the best musicians Puerto Rico has to offer, there is no question this will become one of the best CDs of the year if not the best when completed. I will keep you posted as to the date their new CD will be available. But in meantime make it a point to purchase the two singles I mentioned via Itunes.

Artist Credit
Zoraida Baez Executive Producer
Pedro Brull Choir/Chorus
Wichy Camacho Choir/Chorus, Vocals
Luisito Carrion Choir/Chorus
Ralph Cartagena Executive Producer, Producer
Edwin Cay Tuba
Edwin Clemente Soloist, Timbales
Alex d’Castro Vocals
Darvel García Choir/Chorus
Louis García Musical Direction, Tres
Sammy García Bongos, Campana, Soloist, Vocals
José Gazmey Soloist
Luisito Marín Piano, Soloist
David Marrero Production Assistant
Jerry Medina Choir/Chorus
Julio Gunda Merced Arranger, Composer
Eddie Montalvo Congas, Soloist
Andy Montañez Vocals
Pichie Perez Choir/Chorus
Puerto Rico All Stars Primary Artist
David “Piro” Rodríguez Doble, Soloist
Ramon Rodriguez Composer
Jesús “Papo” Sánchez Engineer, Mezcla
Tony Sánchez Bateria, Soloist
Luigi Texidor Vocals
Richie Viera Mezcla, Percussion, Producer, Sound Effects

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