Review: Ray “Salsabor” Sepulveda and The Chino Nuñez Orchestra “En Honor A Ella”

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Ray Sepulveda to our family and thank him for giving us the exclusive to his latest single “En Honor A Ella” which I’m featuring for your listening pleasure. In this production Ray and Chino Nunez joined forces once again to put together an excellent track which I’m sure will be well received by all.

This is song which I’m sure many could relate to and may have found themselves in the same predicament trying to explain the lost of a mother to your kids while at the same time your’re fighting the pain of your lost as well. This song was composed by Lino Iglesias and Chino Nunez.  Lino  is responsible for writing many awesome songs which we have featured on our website.

This is another track produced and arranged by master percussionist Pablo “Chino” Nunez one of the best in the industry.

I highly recommend this single and as soon as I find out where it can be downloaded I will let you know.

Also a special shout out to Johnny Rivera for his help on getting this track on NGS.

DJ Walter B Nice for