Review: Rey Serrano “El Rey De Los Mendigos”

Rey Serrano is a Venezuelan vocalist and lyricist who together with Francisco Requena (Engineer/Producer) are responsible for this awesome production which so far has produced two #1 hits on the NewGenSalsa Top 70 Playlist. This was the first #1 song “Rumba En El Solar” which stayed in that position for eight straight weeks. The second song to reach #1 was “Pa’l Sonero”. Both of which are being played by DJs in clubs worldwide.

The arrangements on the entire production are off the hook and were precisely done to keep the dance floors packed the with Bailadores. The track I’m featuring is “Carnaval” another strong dance floor banger. And like the Coro says “Ven A Bailar, Este Mi Carnaval” otro tremendo palo con mucho swing Wepaaaaa! This CD is one of the best of 2015 with 8 more tracks which include one Bolero a Christian Salsa and 6 more sizzling Salsa Dura tracks.

I seriously recommend that you add this CD to your Salsa collection. And to all my fellow DJs, this is a must for your arsenal.

DJ Walter B Nice

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Rey Serrano: lead Vocals and Maracas
Piano: Julito Estrada and Willie Melo
Timbales, Conga, Bongo: Yomar Méndez
Trumpets: Luis Ruiz, Jose Ramoncini
Trombones: David Gonzalez
Baritone Sax: Jose Fariña
Coros: Wiwi Buznega, Angel De Jesus, Carlos Guzmán
Arrangements:Julio Estrada, William and Willie Melo
Production Engineer and Mix Francisco Requena
Production Executives Rey Serrano and Francisco Requena

Track List:
1. Jehova
2. Perfumao
3. Engano
4. Rumba En El Solar
5. Pa’l Sonero
6. El Cantante
7. Angelica
8. Carnaval
9. Nacio Repique Sabor
10.El Espejo
11.La Esperanza