Review: Ricky Luis “Amarte Fue Un Error”

Ricky Luis has fascinated many during his rise with his talents which he showcased during his time with the Latin GRAMMY Nominated group N’Klabe. And now as a solo artist he has stepped up his game with this awesome CD. And once you listen to this smokin’ production you will understand why he chose this title “Ricky Luis Out Of The Box” for his CD.

He is a multi-talented artist that is capable of singing in spanish or english without missing a beat and his music has bridged the gap between the young and old. I took the liberty of taking this quote from his Bio and I couldn’t agree more “Ricky Luis is considered by many to be a musical Renaissance man, singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and self-taught musician.

The track I’m featuring is “Amarte Fue Un Error” is a song I’m sure many can relate to.

I highly recommend this CD