Review: Ricky Luis “Loco Por Tu Amor”

Ricky Luis is a super talented artist who isn’t afraid to experiment and is definitely in the forefront of new artists who are urbanizing Salsa and making it more appealing to the younger generation. I realize the old school salseros don’t like change but change is necessary for growth and not to mention that this genre is the only one that hasn’t changed. All other genres such as Rock, R&B, Hip Hop have changed. So I applaud artists like Ricky who have an abundance of creativity and are willing to take the heat from the so called Salsa purist who criticize and don’t let artist such as him and other express themselves as the old school artists were able to 50 to 60 years ago.

Now getting back to this awesome track “Loco Por Tu Amor” which has a hot arrangement / lyrics  that bridges’ Salsa, Merengue and Hip Hop all into one slammin’ Salsa Romantica that without a doubt the young and old will love. Keep on doing what you do Papa. I’m definitely feeling your creative flow!!!

I highly recommend this track.

DJ Walter B Nice for