Review: Rumbankete “Bilongo”

Here we have Rumbankete out of Los Angeles, California putting their best foot forward in their attempt to cover the Salsa classic, “Bilongo”. The unique composition of this group certainly fits my definition of Salsa, and they did a great job of remaking this Eddie Palmieri favorite.

Featuring a tight percussion section and a booming horn section, this melting pot of musicians will soon be carving out a niche of their own in the world of Salsa/Timba.  Mateo Amper on piano is the one who ties everything together by putting the distinct Rumbankete stamp on this featured single.

This is one track that will soon be sought after by Salseros both young and old.  I highly recommend this CD!

You can purchase Rumbankete’s No Pare La Fiesta here.