Review: Pucho Rivera Y Su Gran Orquesta “Cuando Yo Canto Una Rumba”

We at would like to introduce another awesome band from Puerto Rico “Pucho Rivera Y Su Gran Orquesta”. their new CD “Salsa En Grande – Homenaje A Ramon Rodriguez” which was released in March 2013, and has hit written all over it. Nothing comes close to the sound experience you will have while sitting down while sipping on your favorite cocktail and listening to this Big Band on your home stereo system. This CD will take you back to the great Machito, Puente and Rodriguez Mambo Kings era when the sound and look of a orchestra meant something and thrilled you and you just couldn’t get enough of it. This is what Salsa Dura should always be about, great dance and listening music. This is exactly what Pucho and the guys were able to capture and man I wish I was able to capture this formula and bottle it. The new track from this production which I’m featuring is called “Cuando Yo Canto Una Rumba” a smoking hot dance track with nothing but SWING, SWING AND MORE SWING.

I highly recommend this CD 5***** rating and a must add to your salsa collection. And for you DJs that still don’t have this. What the heck are you waiting for.

DJ Walter B Nice for…Ahi-Na-Ma!!!