Review: Miguelito LaMorté Y Chino “Superstition”

One of the exciting things about reviewing new releases at NewGenSalsa is that we give artists a chance to get their music heard.
Miguelito LaMorte is one of them. Although he is not a newcomer to the salsa scene with multiple recordings to his credit, he has teamed up with Salsa veteran percussionist and band leader Pablo “Chino” Nunez and His Orchestra recently and the initial reviews are turning heads with club DJ’s and radio stations on a global scale.
Miguelito’s voice has been compared to that of Marc Anthony, Michael Stuart, George LaMond among others with that signature R&B tinge.
The combination of La Morte’s energy, stage presence coupled with Nunez’s passion for helping new artists succeed will make them a force to be reckoned with for a long time.
Their latest collaboration that’s making it’s way around the club scene is the Stevie Wonder hit “Superstition”us!” With an urban salsa feel and the underlying percussion, one could easily dance free style or get their On1 or On2 grooves on for sure.
This song and others are available on the Superstitious Original Soundtrack.

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  • Con una Tremenda Fusion Urbana Tropical llega Miguelito La Morte, acompañado por la Super Orquesta Salsera de Chino Nunez, demostrando que la Salsa & el Soul se pueden Combinar con Sabrosura en el Tema “Superstition” de Stevie Wonder. Se Boto Miguelito en la parte Vocal y Chino no se quedo a tras con Rap!!!!