Review: The Latin City Orchestra “La Conclusión”

The Latin City Orchestra is a group from Málaga, España who I came across with via twitter and I was very impressed with their stage presence and great sound. I’m featuring one of their singles entitled “La Conclusion” which is a very good salsa romantica. I’m definitely looking forward to listening to more songs by this group.

I have also added a video of them performing live.


Damián Pedroso – Director General y Trompeta
Juan C. Gonzalez – Director Musical y Cantante
Yoel Barz – Cantante
Yailo Beltrán – Cantante
Julio Escalona – Drums / Timbal
Alex Roque – Congas
Xarate – Bongo y Percusión menor
Olivert Lepinat – Piano
Yohany Suarez – Bajo
Sergio Fernandez – Trompeta
Daniel Moron – Trombón
Rafa Martinez – Trombón

DJ Walter B Nice for